Project Structure

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WP 1: Definition of specifications WP 2: Fibre-matrix adaptation WP 3: Development of compounding process WP 4: Application tests, micro-mechanics, recycling WP 5: Scale-up and industrial validation WP 6: Techno-economic and ecological assessment WP 7: Dissemination

WP 7: Dissemination

A "Dissemination and Exploitation Plan" will be developed which will be continuously updated throughout the lifetime of the project. The plan includes targeted channels for dissemination and scenarios of publishable results. The plan therefore also includes dissemination and exploitation scenarios for the case that the objective to have a validated injection moulded sample product made with DuraPulp® is not achieved by the end of the project.

A final report on exploitation activities will be prepared. The "Dissemination and Exploitation Plan" also includes safeguarding intellectual property rights arising from the activities of the project partners. Potentially valuable intellectual property will be captured, evaluated and protected by appropriate means as the project progresses.

In order to exploit the commercial and scientific opportunities resulting from our research, appropriate means of dissemination and following-up need to be identified and organised.