Project Structure

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WP 1: Definition of specifications WP 2: Fibre-matrix adaptation WP 3: Development of compounding process WP 4: Application tests, micro-mechanics, recycling WP 5: Scale-up and industrial validation WP 6: Techno-economic and ecological assessment WP 7: Dissemination

WP 5: Scale-up and industrial validation

On basis of the validation in WP4 as well as the produced laboratory scale amounts of material, an individual scale-up to industrial level of each of the compositions is necessary. The compounding conditions in the laboratory compounder differ significantly from those of a production scale compounding unit with respect to pressure, temperature profile and shear forces. In this work package, the task is to find the right large scale production process conditions with the aim of a high throughput with no or hardly any effect on material properties for each of the compositions.

After successful compounding, each composition will be used for injection moulding production runs on industrial level. Different injection moulding tools will be chosen for the production of demonstrator products.