Project Structure

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WP 1: Definition of specifications WP 2: Fibre-matrix adaptation WP 3: Development of compounding process WP 4: Application tests, micro-mechanics, recycling WP 5: Scale-up and industrial validation WP 6: Techno-economic and ecological assessment WP 7: Dissemination

WP 4: Application tests, micro-mechanics, recycling

Task 4.1: Injection moulding tests, material characterisation and micro-mechanics
The material blends and process parameters that have been developed in the previous WPs will be used in this WP to produce simple demonstrators. They will be made of different material compositions including traditional PP. This will enable a comparison of mechanical and perceived qualities between the different materials. Functionality and perceived naturalness, quality and tactile properties will be evaluated together with the mechanical properties.

Task 4.2: Development of recycling system
In this task a new route will be explored: The separation of polymer and fibres. PLA is a natural polyester built from lactic acid and it is theoretically possible to hydrolyse the polyester and recycle the monomer and the fibres separately.

Task 4.3: Optimisation of material composition and processing
In order to meet the properties required for the demonstrators, different receipts will be tried and test samples produced for mechanical testing as well as perception analysis.