Project Structure

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WP 1: Definition of specifications WP 2: Fibre-matrix adaptation WP 3: Development of compounding process WP 4: Application tests, micro-mechanics, recycling WP 5: Scale-up and industrial validation WP 6: Techno-economic and ecological assessment WP 7: Dissemination

WP 3: Development of compounding process

The DuraPulp® material is being delivered in the shape of sheets. In order to use this material as a raw product in standard conveying and dosing equipment and a twin-screw extrusion process, pre-treatment steps are necessary in. Different milling techniques like a cutting-mill or a shredder, as well as compacting processes will be tested to produce free flowing particles.

It must be observed, that in the pre-treatment process as well as in the following compounding with matrix polymer, fibre degradation can take place and additionally degradation of the coating PLA and the polymeric matrix might occur. Due to this, several strategies for gentle compounding will be considered, tested at laboratory scale and developed to prepare DuraPulp® bioplastic composites. The goal must be to obtain an optimal homogenous fibre dispersion, a good fibre/matrix-adhesion in combination with only minor degradation effects.