Project Structure

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WP 1: Definition of specifications WP 2: Fibre-matrix adaptation WP 3: Development of compounding process WP 4: Application tests, micro-mechanics, recycling WP 5: Scale-up and industrial validation WP 6: Techno-economic and ecological assessment WP 7: Dissemination

WP 2: Fibre-matrix adaptation

Task 2.1: Fibre selection and pre-treatment
The DuraPulp®-material can already be tailored to the application, the amount of fibres vs. PLA can be adjusted in a certain range as well as fibres of different qualities e.g. long and short fibres from different wood species can be used. However, these qualities will have to be further optimized in close collaboration with Task 2.2 as well as different mechanical pre-treatments will be evaluated.

Task 2.2: Polymer selection and blending In order to reach the final goal of designing an innovative injection moulding grade composite based on cellulose-pulp and PLA the polymeric matrix will be developed (starting from PLA as basic material) and blended with various additives like plasticizers, coupling agents, processing agents, antioxidants etc.

Task 2.3: Dyeing of fibres and matrix
In this section of the project we will select environmentally adapted dyes and optimize the dyeing technique from environmental and economic respects.